1. Semen may be ordered by phone.  Orders must be received by 8 a.m. CST for same day collections.  Orders received after 8 a.m. CST will be processed the following day.  If you leave a semen order on voice mail, be sure to get confirmation from the farm.  

2. First and second shipments of semen will be shipped at no charge, provided the Equitainer or Equine Express Container is returned for each shipment.  If the Equitainer is not returned, a $300 deposit must be paid in advance.  If the Equine Express Container is not returned, a $45 deposit must be paid in advance.   There will be a $100 fee assessed for each additional shipment of cooled semen to each mare after the second shipment.  (If same day shipment is necessary, $100.00 Northwest Airlines fee is assessed).  Federal Express shipping charges for second shipment and any following shipments, will be the responsibility of the mare owner.

  3. Equitainer or Equine Express Container MUST be returned immediately after removing cooled semen by the FASTEST courier available (Fed-Ex or UPS) at the cost of the mare owner.

  4. Semen will be collected on our breeding days only, unless special arrangements are necessary.  Stallions are collected Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Call 24 hours prior to semen request to verify collection dates.

  5. Mare owners must pay the stallion fee in full prior to first shipment.

  6. If the container was not returned after the first shipment and a deposit was necessary, it will be refunded when the container is returned and the mare is bred for the last time.

7. Percott Company/Meri-J Ranch reserves the right to approve all locations where semen will be shipped and will only ship to those locations which have a comfort level that the cooled semen will be handled properly.

  8. There is a possibility on some collection days that due to the number of mares being bred to a given stallion at the farm, we may not be able to ship cooled semen.

  9. Even though we will make every attempt to get cooled semen to your mare in good condition, we will make no guarantees or warranties that the semen will be in good condition upon arrival.

  10. If your mare fails to conceive with the use of cooled semen, she will be eligible for a return breeding.  




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